Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Share your story of the #OneCaringAdult who made a difference in your life. Tell us about the person who stepped up and dared to “#BeTheOne” who positively impacted you, your family and or friends.

You can also submit a personal story about how Paper Tigers has impacted you or your community, or how you see a need or solution using trauma-informed practices. These stories will be collected and archived for future use in an impact report or blog forum, and each author will be contacted by email with a permission to use request. No submissions will be made public without the consent of the author.

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User Submitted Stories

Uncle Bob

My Uncle Bob has been “the one” to provide emotional stability for me and my family for many years. After my Dad and brother passed away my emotions were high and low and Uncle Bob made a habit of checking in on me and my wife. He did not make the superficial phone call or mail a “thinking of you” note or offer the obligatory lunch.  He genuinely forced me to sit down with him and talk through difficult feelings, challenges, low points and high points and helped me to resolve grief that was nicely tucked away. I began to rely on him for emotional support and direction and would stop by freely when in need. He always made time for me and never passed judgment. He was a Professor of Social Work and not only taught his students social work skills but also used them daily with me. Upon the birth of my daughters Uncle Bob immediately became a grandfatherly/grand uncle figure to them showing them the type care and attention that only a parent has for their children. While he had his own family, he included us into his immediate family and took an active parenting role with me and my children.   He attended ballet recitals, birthday parties, played piano while they sang and drove across town to show up for Grand Parent and special friends day at their schools. Uncle Bob provide unconditional love and support for us– not on his own time or when he wanted to do so, but he gave of himself when we needed it most.  As I dropped my daughter off at college, this past weekend I realized that Uncle Bob supported me unconditionally which enabled me to be a better Father and parent overall. But he also gave both daughters the wonderfully unique experience of having a stable, kind, caring, mature man in their life who for 20 years demonstrated fun, love, care and great problem solving and communications skills which we all hope that they will in turn pass on to their families.

– Anonymous
“The Ones” Who Taught Me To Read

When I was in kindergarten I struggled to read. I had begun to become aware that I was academically below my classmates and my mother was really concerned about my inability to read. She consulted with the Principal of the school who assured my mother that I would be ok and that I would in fact learn to read.  I was in a private school and my mother wanted to move me out of the school into a different school, however, the principal not only assured my mother that I would learn to read but she also asked my mom to leave me in her school for first grade and promised that if we still had an issue that she would work to find the best placement for me. The principal then suggested that I be tutored over the summer so that I would be ready for first grade.  And, the tutor that she suggested, Miss Peg, just happened to live in my neighborhood.  For the entire summer Miss Peg came to my house and taught me to read.  We also met at the neighborhood pool, we had popsicles, we rode bicycles and I learned to read which increased my confidence.   Both of my parents worked long hours and traveled out of town and had Miss Peg not been able to come to my house, I don’t know if I would have received tutoring.  But I did and I was ready for first grade, however, during my first grade year I learned that I was dyslexic. The Principal once again came to my rescue and made a call into one of the top schools for dyslexic students in the country.  I attended, learned to read and went on to be on the honor roll throughout high school and am currently in college.  The Principal was right I would learn to read and I would be OK.  But that only happened because she was “the one!”  She identified my reading issues and then she knew what to do so that I would not develop self-esteem issues. She also had her teaching staff trained so that they could teach all learners and went above and beyond to find me a terrific tutor who could come to my house. The principal knew what both me and my family needed and she was “the one” who filled our needs.  And Miss Peg was “the one” who taught me to read and made me feel that I was capable and ready for first grade and also gave me the best summer that I’ve ever had. I learned to read and swim at the same time.

– Anonymous
One Caring Adult

This is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He’s a dedicated soul. If there is a definition to never ending love, he would be the one to learn from. He’s dedicated his life to helping troubled teens, he’s always been there no matter what. I can say I have had the greatest honor of meeting this man and being able to call him my friend/hero. He’s always been there for me when things have gotten rough and I still can’t find a way to show him how grateful and how thankful I am. Love you Jim Sporleder! #BeTheOne

– Dylan, Walla Walla, WA